Fort Vancouver Trading

Environmental Stewardship

Lead Projectiles for Airguns

If you purchase lead pellets or slugs, you must exercise caution. We would prefer to sell non-lead projectiles for airguns, but they are not recommended for hunting beyond 30 to 50 meters. You are more likely to miss your target or wound the animal, so we recommend lead airgun slugs (or traditional firearm with lead-free bullet) beyond those distances.

Shipping Supplies

We make every effort to use recycled or compostable shipping supplies. Here's what we most commonly use:

We mail small items via USPS first class, in our padded, recycled paper mailers. If an item weighs more than 13 ounces, it is generally more cost effective to go priority mail, or ground shipping.

Priority mail cardboard boxes are easily recycled, but sometimes we use their padded, plastic envelopes. At this point, that is the only plastic shipping component in our workflow. We hope to find alternatives, but it's a very cost-effective and useful package.

If you're able to wait for a slower delivery, consider ground shipping. This uses far less energy than by air.

When you receive a paper package, it will have a compostable label, and can be recycled easily, without removing the label. If you receive a plastic package, you should probably remove the label, but it depends on the guidance from your waste disposal service.

If you are looking for sustainable shipping products, we have been very happy with EcoEnclose, based in Colorado. Use my referral code for a $20 coupon.