Fort Vancouver Trading

Now Selling Norma Ammunition

We recently became dealers for Norma, a Swedish ammunition company with a long history of excellence. They are leaders in designing new bullets and produce highly reliable cartridges, at competitive prices.

They also make bullets, and brass, for those who reload. I don't have any reloading equipment, but I'm hoping to learn and get my own setup.

With regard to finished cartridges, I am very excited to carry their lead-free rifle cartridges, known as "EVOStrike," and their frangible training rounds, which are also lead-free. They also produce lead-free 22 LR, suitable for bolt-action rifles.

EVOStrike uses tin, rather than lead, and is ideal for hunters who don't want lead poisoning. That's the question you need to start asking yourself, "Do I want lead poisoning when I eat my wild game?" If you want lead poisoning, then by all means, continue hunting with lead ammo. If you care about your health, please consider using a lead-free bullet.

The same goes for training - if you want lead-poisoning, keep shooting cheap FMJ. But with modern technology, you can use frangible rounds, which are a blend of copper powder and polymer, compressed into the traditional FMJ shape.

They disintegrate upon impact with hard surfaces, so there's no risk of ricochet. Frangible bullets are not suitable for self-defense, since they break apart very easily.

Beyond these innovative lead-free products, Norma of course retains their excellent line of lead ammo, some for hunting, and others for long-range competition. They make steel penetrators for 5.56, and excellent 22 LR rimfire, offering subsonic, long range, or lead-free options as well.

Norma has been one of the few companies where I can find 6.5 CM ammo in-stock.

I am very pleased with Norma's diverse selection and high quality. It has been difficult to get into the ammunition industry, and everyone blames it on supply chains or the "virus," but Norma is one of the few companies who sells directly to the public.

This reminds me of Tesla - they were the first car company to sell to the public, without traditional dealers. It's high time for the internet to disrupt old industries, and I'm glad that Norma and others are embracing modern ways of doing business.

You might wonder, why buy from us, if you could just buy from Norma?

Well, we can offer a better price, and you also don't pay sales tax. Even if you were to buy from Norma, you still are getting an excellent price on your ammunition. They are highly competitive and have great quality.

So, buy from us, and you might save 10-15%, or buy from them, and you're still receiving a good value.

If you have any questions or want us to carry other ammo products, please contact us!