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Tap Water Contaminants

What's in your city water? Check your zip code, then select your water company to view a detailed report.


Federal water-safety regulations are decades-old and need revision to protect our health. There's a good chance your city water is full of toxic chemicals at dangerously high levels. Arsenic, chlorine-compounds, or radioactive substances are common, sometimes exceeding the safe limit by hundreds or thousands of times. Until our government regulates these environmental toxins, the public will suffer great harm. These toxins contribute to developmental disorders and chronic illness.

If your water contains dangerous levels of any substances, you must buy an effective water filter immediately. We recommend the Berkey filters, but there are other similar products. A Brita filter or pitcher-style filter is not effective at reducing toxic compounds. They are primarily designed to make your water taste better, and they cannot actually remove chlorine or fluoride.