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ThrowFlame's powerful SCUBA tank design is the only flamethrower capable of shooting napalm. Other companies sell compact flamethrowers with a battery-powered pump, rather than compressed CO2 tanks, limiting their range. The benefits of smaller flamethrowers include concealability, easier handling, electronic ignition (rather than a blowtorch), and the ability for an older child to wield them confidently. Most importantly, they're nearly $1,000 cheaper. You can buy a lot of gasoline with your extra budget.

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ThrowFlame: X15 or XL18

Pre-ordering will save you and save some money. We receive discounts at the following quantities per order: 3, 5, and 10 units.

If you pre-order into a group of 10, then you will save the most money, but it might take longer for all 10 orders. Conversely, pre-ordering into a waitlist of 3 will be fastest, but each unit costs slightly more. If you refer anyone, we will give you an additional discount of 5% per referral. That means you can get up to a 45% discount on your flamethrower, paying only $850, if you referred 9 other people.

What are the differences between X15 and XL18?

Enjoy more firing time with the X15 Flamethrower

With 50 feet of range and 60 seconds of continuous burn time, the X15 flamethrower is great option for many applications. It's variable trigger system gives users the ability to adjust flame-throwing capabilities

  • 50ft effective range (15.2m)
  • 3.3 gallon fuel capacity (12.5l)
  • 3.3 GPM firepower
  • Napalm compatible

Shoot further with the XL18 Flamethrower

If you are the type of person that wants the biggest and the best, the XL18 flamethrower is for you. Boasting 10x more firepower than the X15, it is the most powerful flamethrower to date! It's an epic solution for the jobs that require maximum firepower! Just remember, with great firepower comes great responsibility.

  • 110ft+ effective range (33.5m)
  • 3.3 gallon fuel capacity (12.5l)
  • 33 GPM Maximum firepower (125 LPM)
  • Napalm compatible

Learn more at the ThrowFlame website.